Cricketer Charity for Corona Adversity

Whole world is suffering from the adversity caused by Corona Virus. In this critical time lots of public and celebrities giving there contribution in PM Relief Fund, CM Relief Fund and Also in Newly Created PM Cares fund to avail help counter Covid 19 in India. Here Our Team India Cricket is also giving there Contributation. 

Here we are giving list of Crickter celebrities giving their contribution as charity.

Sr. No.  Name  Profession Photo Net Worth (2020) Money Contribution Highlights
PM Cares Fund PM/CM Relief Fund
 1  Virat Kohli  Indian Crickter    900 Crore    3 Crore Best Ever Crickter in Whole World Till Date -  Indian Crickter Team Captain
 2  Suresh Raina  Indian Crickter    180 Crore    52 Lakh  Dhansu Shot
 3  Sachin Tendulkar  Indian Crickter    834 Crore    50 Lakh  God of Cricket
 4  Suarav Ganguly  Indian Crickter    345 Crore    50 Lakh  Former Indian Cricket Team Captain - BCCI President Right Now
 5 Mahendra Singh Dhoni  Indian Crickter    800 Crore 0 0  Most successful Captain of Indian Cricet Team
 6  Gautam Gambhir   Indian Crickter    98 Crore  1.50 Crore  1 Month Salary  Formar Indian Cricker , Member of Parliament
 7 Ajinkya Rahane   Indian Crickter    50 Crore  10 Lakh    Good Shot
 8  BCCI  Indian Cricket Team Board    25,000 Crore +   51 Crore  Richest cricket board in the World
 9  Rohit Sharma  Indian Crickter    135 Crore 45 Lakh  35 Lakh  In ground Hit ball Now Hitting Corona