Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor

There are various methodes for type in Hindi. It's makes lots of confusion among the new learners of Hindi Typing, There are three most common methods for Hindi Typing is given below: 

1. Typewriter Hindi Typing (Remington Key layout)

- The type writer Hindi Typing is known as Remington Keyboard Layout in computer. Which is use for Krutidev Font Type. This is most common used pattern for Hindi Typing. It's layout is same as Hindi Type writter Keyboard, It's the tradtionnal and oldest method for Hindi Typing. Many of Hindi Typing Exam required this keyboard layout for typing. You can see hindi typewritter keyboard layout here.

2. Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor


- The inscript keyboard is developed by Indian Government and Standardised for Hindi Typing in Computers. Inscript keyboard uses Unicode Based Font like - Mangal, Akshar etc. To learn Hindi Typing using Inscript Typing Tutor You can Download the Hindi Inscript Typing Tutor from Link given below

Click Here to Download Aassan Hindi Typing Tutor (Inscript)

Typing Vidya Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor


3. English to Hindi Typing (phonetics)

- It is also known as Transliteration Method, By using this you have to type in English it will convert in Hindi Font. It's the easiest method for Write in Hindi, You don't have to learn any keyboard or practise for it. From now and this time you will be able to type in Hindi like a professional.

Click Here for English to Hindi Typing