The free online English to English dictionary is provides definitions, explanations, and examples of words in the English language. The dictionary gives the meanings, usage, and nuances of words within a second.


How to use online dictionary

1. Just enter the word in above text field and click on search button.

2. You will see the details of word you are looking for instantly within a blink of an eye.

3. You would get result with example how to use the word in real world.

4. You can click on respective speaking icon to listen the word pronunciations.

5. You can also listen the word meaning.


Dictionary are invaluable tools for learning languages:

1. Vocabulary Expansion: Dictionaries provide definitions for words, allowing you to expand your vocabulary and understanding of the language.
2. Understanding Meanings: Dictionaries helps you to understand the meanings and nuances of words, including multiple definitions and usage contexts.
3. Pronunciation Guidance: This online dictionary include pronunciation guides, helping learners understand how words are spoken.
4. Grammar and Usage: Dictionary include information on grammar rules, verb conjugations, and word usage, aiding constructing grammatically correct sentences.
5. Idioms and Phrases: Dictionary include idiomatic expressions and phrases, which are essential for understanding natural, colloquial language.
6. Word Forms: Dictionary provide information about word forms, such as verb conjugations, plural forms, and comparative/superlative forms for adjectives.
7. Etymology: The Dictionaries offer insights into the origins of words, which can aid in remembering and understanding their meanings.
8. Contextual Examples: Dictionary provide example sentences or phrases that demonstrate how words are used in context, helping you in understand their proper usage.
9. Synonyms and Antonyms: Dictionary list synonyms (words with similar meanings) and antonyms (words with opposite meanings), aiding in understanding shades of meaning and expanding your vocabulary.

The free online dictionary play a crucial role in language learning by providing comprehensive and accessible resources for building vocabulary, understanding meanings, and improving language proficiency.