Typing Test

Typing test is an examination of typing skills of any person in terms of Word Per Minute (WPM), Accuracy and Key depression per hour, or key stroke per hour. At our website we provide the free typing test in various languages. Our Typing test and practice test are the best for Typing Jobs examinations. Hindi/English typing learner now can test thier typing speed in 1,2 5, 10, 15 or 30 minute. Now you can check your full typing speed and also check your mistakes in typing that you made during typing it will be highlighted in red color. So now enjoy typing with indiatyping.com, Click on below link to check your typing speed in particular language and keyboard layout. With this free typing test you can also get your Free Typing Skill Certificate. You could use typing certificate to get jobs in various govt. and private companies and organisation.

1. Hindi Typing Test (krutidev and Devlys)

2. Advanced Hindi Typing Test (krutidev and Devlys)

3. Inscript/ Unicode /Mangal /Remington Hindi Typing Test (Mangal font)

4. English Typing Test

5. Advanced English Typing Test

6. Character Typing Test (English)

7. Character Typing Test (Hindi Krutidev and Devlys)

8. English Typing Exam

9. Inscript Hindi Typing Exam (Mangal font)

10. Krutidev/Devlys Hindi Typing Exam (Hindi Krutidev and Devlys)

11. Remington Gail Hindi Typing Exam (Mangal font)

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