Remington Gail Hindi Typing Exam

For preparing of Remington Gail Hindi Typing Test Exam, you can take test on Exam like software. Just put your name, select time, select passage and start.

Note : For Type in Remington Gail use Indic Input Tool 1 or 3. (Indic Input Tool 2 have problem of space key, you have to press space bar two times on indic input 2)

Free Download Remington Gail Typing Software (Indic Input 1, 2 and 3) 

Here you have exam like environment, Passage will appear on upper side and you have to type down side text box. As you start typing your timer starts automatically and will submit upon time elapsed, You can also submit it when you want. Here you have option to use backspace or you can disable it. After completing exam test. It will show you detailed result. 

For use Remington Gail Hindi Typing Test First you have to select Hindi language option in your system, After selecting Hindi language option in Language bar than select Indic Input Tool - Then select Remington Gail Keyboard Layout. Now you can type to take exam.