Tip: For take a typing test in mobile phone connect your mobile to keyboard with a OTG cable.

English Typing Exam

For preparing of Typing Test Exam, you can take test on Exam like software. Just enter your name, select time duration, select passage or paste your own text passage and start test to explore your typing skills. Here you have exam like environment, passage will appear on upper side and you have to type bottom text box.

As you start typing your timer will start and will submit upon time elapsed. You can also submit it when you want. Here you have option to use backspace or you can disable it. After completing exam test, it will show you detailed analysis of your typing skill.

Requirement of Typing Test

Qualifying in typing test is a common requirement nowadays for many jobs. Because major of the works in each industry required uses of computer and typing. So having a good typing skill increases the chances to get a good job in competitive market.

Here the typing test examines a users typing proficiency with many factors. Provide a complete analysis to find out your mistakes and weak point during typing. You can mitigate them by using Free touch typing course and present yourself with good typing skill in job market.

Importance of Good Typing Speed

With good typing speed and accuracy you can win the acceptance at your new work place. Typing skill also make a good impression in front of employer and in society too. You can finish your work in lesser time to enjoy rest of the time with your friends and family.

And the good news that having a fast typing speed is not a rocket science. It's very easy to achieve fast typing speed with little practice and concentration.

Typing Test exams can be of two types

1. Qualifying Typing Test Exam - In qualifying typing test usually a passage of limited words is given to candidates for typing in a allotted time. Candidate have to copy the given passage in a text box.

After completion of time the passage typed by the candidate have matched with given passage to find out errors and If the candidate completely typed the given passage in given time period with 95% or more accuracy will consider qualify for the Typing Test exam.

2. Scoring Based Typing Test Exam - In scoring based typing test a lengthy passage is given to candidate for type in finite time frame. Candidates have to type as much as they can, in given time frame to score high.

The evaluation of typing test will be based upon how much speed candidate get in the test. The much the speed you get will awarded with high score or marks.

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