Typing Test

Typing speed test or usually typing test used for a user’s typing speed and accuracy.


The two factors will define the proficiency of the person in typing. Some typing test used character based calculation in which 5 characters count as a word, regardless how many characters in the particular word. These Character based calculation has its own benefit like it independent from the text passage, there may be more lengthy word in one passage then other, but its calculate same speed all time.

Some typing test used another calculation speed formula; it counts each bunch of characters separated by space one word. His is known as word count method for typing test. To understand it let take an example:

A Sentence "Here we are checking out typing speed." 

Total Words (Using character methods) = 38 / 5 = 7.6 Words (space also count as a character)

Total Words (Using Word method) = 7 words

In this typing test above we have used second method to calculate word count. In many exam there are fix word limit like 300 Words have to type within 10 minutes. Usually 2nd method used for calculation of word, separated by space. 

The typing test above will show your typing speed in Word per Minute (WPM). Accuracy is gross and net speed ratio and net Speed. Net Speed will consider your final speed of typing. Here a highlighter will help you to identify where you are in the passage. If you skip a word it will show in result that you skipped a word. And if you double typed a word it will also shown separately. 

Here you can choose 200, 300 or 500 words passage as text. The passage comes randomly. You can also select desired timing to take test. Let’s take a test and improve your speed.

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