Tip: For take a typing test in mobile phone connect your mobile to keyboard with a OTG cable.

Krutidev/Devlys Hindi Typing Exam

For preparing of Hindi Typing Test Exam, you can take test on Exam like software. Just enter your name, select time, select passage or upload your own passage and start test. Here you have exam like environment, passage will appear on upper box and you have to type lower text box.

As you start typing, your timer starts automatically and test will be submit upon time elapsed, you can also submit it before completion of time if you complete the exercise before completion of time. Here you have option to use backspace or you can disable it. After completing exam test. It will show you detailed report of your typing skill.

This software is designed with support to Krutidev 010 font and Devlys 010 font.

Keyboard layout for Krutidev Hindi Typing Test Exam

You can use your QWERTY keyboard for typing in Krutidev Test. The key mappings of Kritidev font is same as on Hindi typewriter machines. The layout is known as Remington Layout. The keys that are not found on keyboard map can be typed using Alt key with Krutidev character code. The Krutidev keyboard layout is displayed in below image.

Krutidev Hindi Keyboard


Why Need Hindi Typing Test Exams

Hindi typing test exams are qualifying criteria for many govt jobs in India. After clearing a competitive exam the candidates have to appear in Typing test exam to qualify for the post. This Hindi typing test help you in practice typing on daily basis. Just take some test daily to boost your typing speed and accuracy.

This typing test provide facility to enable or disable backspace and you can remove highlighter too. This test provide 100's of exercise to practice with and get good typing speed. It will highlight the mistakes you have made during typing, so you can do targeted practice to minimize your mistake and maximize your speed.

Calculation of Typing Speed

Typing skill measure in terms of Word Per Minute and accuracy percentage. The Hindi typing test will show you typing speed in Net WPM and accuracy in percentage. The typing speed is tell us that how much words a person can type in One minute.

For calculation purpose the words typed by user is divided by the time taken in minutes and the result is the WPM speed. You can check detailed formula of typing speed calculation with example here.

Tips for Boost Typing Speed

1. Your body posture should be proper while you typing. Your eyes should in level of screen and keyboard should be it level of your elbow.

2. Always type without seeing the keyboard. It will saves your lot of time during typing test. If you don't know touch typing learn with Hindi Typing Tutor.

3. Read whole sentence and then type it.

4. Your focus should be on typing not on the timer.

5. Use shortcut keys to type more in less time.

6. Practice on regular basis.