How to Install Language Pack in Windows XP ?

To run any language in computer system with Windows XP you have to first install language pack i.e. Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu etc., Many times you have installed Hindi language or other softwares still you are not able to type in that language because of you dont installed language pack, follow given simple steps to download Hindi langauge pack in windows xp.

Step 1 : First you will need windows xp CD for it. Please check and confirm you have windows XP cd of same service pack installed in your system already ( You can check Service Pack of Windows XP, by right click on "My Computer" icon and select "Properties", you will get Operating system Name and Service pack information there.

Step 2: Go to Contral Panel

Check Operating System Bit Information

Windows operating system is quite popular in India and when you have to install any software you need to check device specific information to check whether your computer support these software or not. Checking Operating System Information like windows edition, service pack, 32 or 64 bit system etc. is very simple, follow given steps and check your windows operating system (OS) easily.

Whenever you have to download any software from the internet you have to download the 32 bit or 64 bit version of software dependent on your OS version. If you install wrong bit software than software will not work properly into your computer system.

With following easy step you can check OS information of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP etc.

Step 1. Point your Cursor to the "This PC" (windows 10) or "My Computer" (Winsows 8, 7, XP) Icon.

Step 2. Right click on icon and select properties as shown in image below:

Enable Hindi Typing

Once you have installed and configured Hindi Typing Software in Windows 7 or Windows XP You can type in Hindi by change language from "Language Bar" using following steps:

Step 1: Click on EN button at taskbar located near right bottom corner of your screen. It is the language Bar. Select Hindi India Option in Language Bar. You can also use shortcut key" Alt+Shift" to switch between the languages.

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Ime Hindi Remington


Step 2: After Selecting Hindi you will find a little window appear like showing in image given below, at the corner near date and time display.

Enable Hindi Typing in Windows


Step 3: Now click on keyboard option you will find many keyboard options, Select one of your choice and Type in Hindi. You can also see the keyboard layout in keyboard option.

Hindi keyboard ime remington

Step 4: Select any Hindi keyboard like - Remington (GAIL), you want to type in Hindi and Open MS word or any text-editor and start typing using selected Hindi Keyboard, you can change language again when you need with language bar anytime. To see the keyboard layout on your screen click on "Show Keyboard" Option in Keyboards list.

Click Here for Download Hindi Typing Software

Click Here for Configure Hindi Typing Software

Instructions to Setting Hindi Typing Software

After download and installation of Hindi Typing software, we need to setup Hindi keyboard in order to use it for Hindi typing. Setup process for Hindi Keyboard is quite straight forward for Windows 7, typically takes 1-2 minutes in complete process and your system will become bilingual. Here are we given step by step process of Setting up Hindi Indic Software with screenshots.

Click Here for Setup Hindi Indic Software and Keyboards in Windows 10 and Windows 8

Setup Hindi Indic Software and Keyboards in Windows 7

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

Step 2: Click on Change keyboard or Other Input Methods as shown in image given below:

 Step 3: Now under the tab of "Keyboards and Languages" Click on Change Keyboard Button as given in image below:

Step 4: A window titled as "Text Services and Input Languages" will open, you have to click on "Add" Button as shown in below image.

Step 5: Now Search for "Hindi" Language in the Add Input Language window where you will find so many languages. Select Hindi Indic Input IME 1 [V 5.1] and click on OK Button-> Apply -> OK

After Selecting Hindi IME and Clicking on OK, you have added Hindi Indic IME (Input Method Editor) keyboard in your system successfully. You can see Hindi Keyboard Appear on Window like shown in below image:


Congratulations !! you have successfully complete the procedure of installation and setting up Hindi Indic Software. Now Hindi typing software and keyboards are ready to use.

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