Ganpati (Shri Ganesh) Symbol

The First Devta who is worshiped and Called in any religious activity is Shri Ganesh Ji, We knows the God Ganesh has Various Names like - Shri Ganesh, Ganpati, Bappa, Siddhi Vinayak, Dukhharta, Vidhn Vinashak. Shri Ganesh symbols are widely used in Religious text and books.

You can also Include Shri Ganpati in your documents or typing matter. Its very simple to Add Shree Ganesh. Download and Install following Ganpati font. 

Free Download Ganpati Symbol Font

How to install and use Ganpati Font Symbol

1. Download the Ganpati Font .zip file from the given link above

2. After download extract the file using winzip or any other extractor software.

3. Now you will find GanpatiBappa.ttf file in the folder

4. Now Double click on the file to open it -> it will show install button -> click on install button to install it (Windows 10,8,7).

If you are using windows XP then copy the GanpatiBappa.ttf file in Start -> Control Panel -> Fonts -> Paste the GanpatiBappa.ttf file there

5. Now choose Ganpati Font in MS word or any other application for make Ganpati Symbol. To Type Ganpati Symbol press any key from small a to small i and Capital A and B, and also try various symbols you will find many different different shapes of Ganpati.