How to Catch Fake Person

Hello Friends !! Now days in age of digital era, there are many persons in our area hiding there real identity and making fools innocent peoples by financial and emotional losses. Some peoples make fake Facebook profiles, uses fake numbers to operate Whats app and play with emotions and money of other peoples.

How can you verify any person identity in India ?

It's simpler with Aadhar system. Just ask Aadhar no. of the person which identity you want to verify and use link given below to verify that his/her Aadhar details is real or fake. If you are unable to download Aadhar of that person means He/She cheating you by giving false information to you. This will required his/her Aadhar Number and Registered Mobile No. Without this Aadhar will not download.

Just open that link and enter Aadhar number of the person you are willing to verify. You can download that person Aadhar and verify details he/she given to you is correct or not. For getting the Aadhar a OTP sent at that person mobile will be required. You can ask that OTP from that person if he/she not provide you OTP then there is a great chance that the person is fake and he/she hiding his original identity.

The downloaded Aadhar is password protected and the password is first 4 character name and 4 digit of birth year. If the person is genuine will surly gives you OTP if not then probably he/she fake person. Beware from such person to protect yourself from fraud.

Anyone can make a fake copy of Aadhar, so you must verify his/her details on from link given above.

1. Near about all citizens of India has Aadhar Card. If someone tell you that they didn't have Aadhar then he/she must be telling you lie. Because now day's without Aadhar it is not possible to survive in India.

2. Aadhar is mandatory for Mobile No.

3. Aadhar is mandatory for bank Accounts.

4. Aadhar is mandatory for Opening or registering any business in India.

5. Aadhar is mandatory for most of the services in India. Like  PAN Card, Driving License.

6. Aadhaar for Sports Participants - The Union Sports Ministry and the School Games Federation of India made Aadhaar compulsory for sports participants to bring in transparency and avoid age fraud.

7. LPG and Kerosene subsidy - In order to eliminate corruption, the Supreme Court linked Aadhaar to the public distribution system (PDS) and LPG subsidy in 2015.

This Aadhar based verification can help you to expose fake peoples around you. Such fake peoples are mostly criminals and their intention is to harm you and your family. We recommend you to verify any person in your Facebook friend list or new neighbors.

How to check Photo is fake or Real ?

The fake peoples share a good looking photos with others, there is nice option for check photo source, You can get more details about that photo from below method.

1. Just open google and click on Images option there, you will see images option at right-top corner on 

2. Click on images and upload pic for the person you want to check.

3. The google result will show similar images and details. So you can check the images really belong to that person or not ?

4. If the image are taken from internet, website you will get same images from google search.

Many criminals are on Internet gives to false information about there Name (fake name ), Religion (Hide Religion), Birth Date (To Hide Real age), Address (Fake Address). Their intention is firstly making you his/her friend and than ask for personal data and information, and images then they can use it to blackmail you and your family. So it's always better to keep aware and protect yourself from such fake peoples on internet, Facebook.